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Part 1 Season 1Edit

The episode number in parentheses corresponds to the episode # of the fan translation, which is numbered differently beginning with Part 1 Season 2.

Episode No. Release Date
Prologue    (000) 2011.04.03
Introduction. Humanoid beings appear one day, and among them are Tals and a schoolboy.
Part 1 Season 1: 01    (001) 2011.04.10
Somewhere at a South Korean high school during lunchtime, Mirinae reads off a list of superhuman events from a magazine to her uninterested friend Yu Jin. She becomes annoyed when he calls them all crap, and storms off. Jin thinks to himself that he is repulsed by anything out of the ordinary, then sees a figure in a flowing white hanbok outside the classroom window. A friend teases him, asking if he saw a ghost, and he replies that he think he did.
Part 1 Season 1: 02    (002) 2011.04.17
Jin complains about his household chores as he finishes up. He feels unusually tired, and wonders about the ghost from the day before. Feeling hungry, he goes to buy groceries. A pair of chachaoongs on a bridge grumble about the new king being a nobody; Garon mentions that some of them have started rebelling. He looks down, spots a kid singing about meat below, and notices the king's insignia on the back of the kid's neck. As Jin thinks to himself that Muyeong should return home in a few days, Garon and Heenari both jump off the bridge and ambush him. Jin dodges Garon's smash attack but is struck in the shoulder with Heenari's bladed weapon.
Part 1 Season 1: 03    (003) 2011.04.24
The pair of chachaoongs bicker after Jim survives their attacks. Heenari throws her weapon again, and Jin dodges. Garon then punches him hard in the chest, sensing that something is protecting the boy, who merely doubles over in pain. Jin suddenly has a vision of a white-haired man who says he cannot die here, and a weapon materializes which attacks both chachaoongs and knocks out Garon. As Heenari wonders out loud how such a loser could do this, he realizes that what he just did was impossible and regrets doubting Mirinae. Heenari spots Imae nearby and angrily asks him why he is here; Jin recognizes the ghost he saw earlier.
Part 1 Season 1: 04    (004) 2011.05.01
Heenari remarks that Imae has not been seen in the past two years. Garon gets up, accuses Imae of being yet another fake, and attacks; Imae easily punches him out cold. He looks toward Heenari and suggests she leave quietly as he materializes a dragon sword. She inquires why he decided to return after the king's candidate was chosen. He replies that it is none of her business, and tells her to inform the rest that he will be supporting the next king. He asks Jin about his injuries; Jin replies that he is okay, and wonders how he knew his name. Jin begins to grope him to verify that he is not a ghost.
Part 1 Season 1: 05    (005) 2011.05.08
Jin is awoken by Mirinae banging on his door, ready to walk with him to school. Once he pushes it open, they both notice Imae standing inside, so Jin slams the door shut and motions Imae to go away. He reopens the door and pretends nobody was there. Mirinae then notices his bandaged shoulder, but Jin assures her that it is not serious enough to go to a doctor. When she leaves, Jin asks Imae who he and the other guys are. Imae reveals that they call themselves chachaoongs, a race similar to humans except that they are not born but simply come into being. When he suggests that it is the same for Jin, the boy thinks of his dead grandmother. Imae then tells him that he has an insignia marking him as the next king of the chachaoongs chosen by Jack O'Lantern. As Jin protests, Imae tells him there will be more like the pair from yesterday, so his priority is not to questions things but to simply survive.
Part 1 Season 1: 06    (006) 2011.05.15
Imae reveals that he is one of the nine masks (Tals). Jin wonders if they have met before, but is unable to remember. Imae explains that very little is known about Jack, including his whereabouts, but adds that Cheoyong, Jack's assistant, might know, but he does not know where he is, either. Next, Imae describes the two types of weapon materialization, independent and fusion. He asks Jin to imagine knocking someone out. Jin gives it a try, and materializes a fly swatter.
Part 1 Season 1: 07    (007) 2011.05.22
Jin returns from another trip to the market and frets about a manipulative cucumber. A man in dark clothing and sunglasses observes Jin, then flips a 500 Won coin in his direction. Jin swings around and catches it, and is surprised to see that Shin Muyeong has returned from abroad. Their conversation reveals that Jin's grandmother died about a month ago, and Muyeong paid for the funeral but was unable to attend. Muyeong asks if he has anything going on, then points out Jin's shoulder injury. Jin repeatedly denies that anything is going on before Muyeong tells him that he senses that someone has been observing them.
Part 1 Season 1: 08    (008) 2011.05.29
Muyeong asks Jin if he could make dinner tonight, after he stops by his own house first, and then they part ways. Imae, standing at the top of a skyscraper, curiously thinks that normal chachaoongs would not be able to see him at this distance, but that guy did. A split second later, Muyeong is behind him and shoots from his weapon. Imae dodges, and remarks that Muyeong has an interesting yongma. He adds that he should know Yu Jin's situation by now. Muyeong discloses that he was unaware that Jin is a chachaoong until finding out just now that he is the next king. He demands to know why "Monster Imae" is suddenly and suspiciously hanging around Jin.
Part 1 Season 1: 09    (009) 2011.06.05
Muyeong materializes a large weapon, and Imae complains that they are in the middle of a city. Muyeong fires several missiles, which Imae dodges, and they explode on the roof. Imae materializes his own pair of double-bladed weapons, but only defends against attacks. Muyeong calls Shadow, which appears from Muyeong's shadow and chases Imae in dragon-like form. Imae continues to only defend against attacks, so Muyeong has Shadow retreat and materializes a new giant weapon that shoots an energy beam. Imae drops back on the roof, his left arm weaponized and his sleeve in tatters, and asks Muyeong to reimburse him for the damaged hanbok.
Part 1 Season 1: 10    (010) 2011.06.12
Imae concludes that Muyeong would rather fight than talk, but before they can fight one-on-one, a giant sword smashes between them. Imae recognizes the wielder as Ghost, and notices an angry Cheoyong approaching from behind it. Both Muyeong and Shadow slowly panic, but Muyeong acts tough and asks why he is here. Cheoyong tells Imae that there is no reason for him to be here, and that the "Second's dog" is unable to deceive him and Lord Jack. Muyeong concludes that "Second" is Jin and wonders about Jack's involvement. As Imae and Muyeong threaten to fight again, a watermelon smashes the back of Imae's head, and Muyeong's chin is knocked back by an onion. Jin laughs about having to throw his groceries at them.
Part 1 Season 1: 11    (011) 2011.06.19
Jin explains that he was on his way home after getting groceries, but the two of them were causing a commotion and a guy with a flower in his hair told him to stop. Imae asks him how he found them, and Jin replies that it was easy, especially when the surrounding area suddenly became deserted. Imae explains that it is Cheoyong's job to hide any chachaoong activity from humans, and that he is able to possess both humans and chachaoongs. He simply has nearby humans possessed until they leave since he is not allowed to harm humans without Jack's permission. Imae notes Jin's lack of reaction upon learning that Muyeong is a chachaoong, and Muyeong tries to convince Jin that he should not trust a guy who is unwilling to take off his mask.
Part 1 Season 1: 12    (012) 2011.06.26
Cheoyong reports to Jack that the "Second" is unchanged and that he interfered with Imae and Muyeong's fight as requested. He then asks Jack why he keeps "him" around, complains that he has killed many chachaoongs, and believes that he the reason the second king is behaving the way he is. He finally muses that he knows nothing about Jack despite the years he has served him. Jin tries to convince Imae not to follow him to school. He then complains about his many after-school chores. Muyeong, who has also stayed the night, leaves behind Imae who has started folding laundry. He calls his friend Kang Maru and asks to meet up.
Part 1 Season 1: 13    (013) 2011.07.03
Maru arrives at the cafe where Muyeong is enjoying a coffee. The conversation begins with the topic of Maru's sunglasses and Muyeong calling him a pervert. Maru then asks him why he always has his sunglasses on, and Muyeong reminds him that he wears the wrong prescription in order to weaken his overly-powerful eyesight. He first asks Maru if he knows about the new king, who responds that the information had come into his head all of a sudden. Muyeong tells him that the new king is Jin and that things are beginning to happen to him. Maru reasons that the opposition is a result of the expected one not being chosen. Muyeong then asks him about the Imae Tal, and he responds that there are nine Tals who were chosen by Jack, but Imae is the only one who never takes off his mask and he has been missing for two years. Muyeong tells him that he is at Jin's house doing housework, dispelling the rumor that he had been killed by Bigak, the infamous chachaoong. Muyeong then asks Maru to gather information about the opposition.
Part 1 Season 1: 14    (014) 2011.07.10
Maru promises to inform Muyeong once he hears anything, then asks him not to get involved with the likes of Bigak, and to not provoke Imae. Muyeong confesses that he had already fought Imae, surprising Maru. At school, Mirinae continues to interrogate Jin about the man wearing a Hahoe mask at his house. She recalls seeing the masks in a textbook and grabs one from Jin's desk. When she finds the pages about the masks, Jin gets a strange expression and crushes the pages. He then snaps out of it and asks her what happened to his book.
Part 1 Season 1: 15    (015) 2011.07.17
A group of chachaoongs that includes Heenari, Garon, a man in 3-D glasses, and a man in purple attire, are in a meeting together. They discuss the fact that the next king has the protection of Imae, so they need to distract him (they concede that he would be hard to kill) in order to get rid of the next king. Heenari warns them that neither of the two should be underestimated. The man in purple suddenly senses something above the roof, where Maru happens to be eavesdropping. The man in purple bursts a hole in the ceiling and hops out to confront Maru.
Part 1 Season 1: 16    (016) 2011.07.24
The man in purple attacks Maru with powerful kicks, so Maru materializes a pair of guns and fires back before retreating. The chachaoongs in the apartment below order the man in purple go after him, but he refuses, stating that he no longer wants to be involved with them because he does not want to make an enemy of Imae. The man in 3D glasses also does not want to be included anymore, but asks who they want to face the next king this time. The ponytailed chachaoong replies that it will be Baekjeong, who is unaware that his friend Imae is back. Before leaving, 3D asks the group to convey a message to Imae from Bigak: "I'm glad you're alive."
Part 1 Season 1: 17    (017) 2011.07.31
Maru calls Muyeong and reports that he found the type of people he wanted him to follow, but was chased away before he could hear all the important info, only that the group plans to attack when Jin and Imae are not together. Muyeong tells his friend to continue gathering intel, then notices that Shadow has wandered off. As Imae hangs around the roof of Jin's school, he notices something and leaves in an instant. A man in a mask complains to a couple of nervous chachaoongs that they want him to do all the work instead of just the clean-up, and he will punish them if it turns out badly.
Part 1 Season 1: 18    (018) 2011.08.07
Imae finds a large group of chachaoongs waiting for him, who nervously make useless small talk to stall him. A short chachaoong casually mentions Bigak, which seems to alarm Imae, who then demands that they tell him where he is. As Jin walks home from school with a couple of classmates, Mirinae asks if he was mad when he tore up his textbook, because he had crazy eyes. Jin finds it strange that he remembers none of it. He suddenly looks anxious, tells his friends that he has to go, and runs off. As Jin walks through a dark alley wondering about that threatening feeling he had felt, a voice in his ear asks if he is the next king. Jin jumps away from the man in the mask.
Part 1 Season 1: 19    (019) 2011.08.14
The man, wearing a military-type uniform, introduces himself as the Baekjeong Tal, and questions why Jack chose a nobody as the next king. When Jin insists that he is looking for answers as well, Baekjeong assumes that he is playing dumb, becomes angry, and slices Jin across the chest with his sword. Back at Jin's house, Muyeong wonders where everyone is. As he is putting away the folded laundry, Shadow appears and yanks on his arm.
Part 1 Season 1: 20    (020) 2011.08.21
Baekjeong tells Jin that Cheoyong will not interfere with a challenge to the king, and attacks him. Jin is injured and aware that he is outclassed, but still manages to materialize a bladed weapon to defend himself. Jin then yanks off Baekjeong's mask, revealing a smirking man with short white hair and teal eyes.
Part 1 Season 1: 21    (021) 2011.08.28
Baekjeong continues his attack, telling Yu Jin that he is unworthy to be Jack’s successor. Jin “transforms” and attacks back. “Jin” talks to Baekjeong as if he knew him in the past and calls him Eunyul. As Baekjeong begins another attack, he is stopped by Muyeong’s yongma, Shadow.
Part 1 Season 1: 22    (022) 2011.09.04
Muyeong attacks Baekjeong, who “transforms” and whose hair turns half black. Imae appears and breaks up the fight.
Part 1 Season 1: 23    (023) 2011.09.11
Back at Jin’s house, he and the three men sit facing each other. Baekjeong realizes that he was used by ?, asks Jin how he knew his real name, and assures Imae that he has no interest in becoming king.
Part 1 Season 1: 24    (024) 2011.09.18
Baekjeong, still at Jin’s house, tells him that Imae made him fold the laundry and then went out to look for someone. Jin attempts to leave for the store, but Baekjeong stops him and they argue. Mirinae stops by to see the man with the mask, and finds Baekjeong pinning Jin to the ground. After some chit-chat, Mirinae leaves and Imae returns.
Part 1 Season 1: 25    (025) 2011.09.25
Baekjeong tells Imae that he is different from the past, and that there was a rumor that he died at the hands of Bigak. He then wonders what happened to the Gaksi Tal, which alarms Imae. During a conversation on a mobile phone, Ara spots Jin talking with Mirinae and tells the other person that she has finally met her soul-mate.
Part 1 Season 1: 26    (026) 2011.10.02
As soon as Jin returns home, he is jumped by a strange girl whom Baekjeong identifies as the Bune Tal. Imae watches their conversation from the rooftop. Muyeong walks in and sees them squabbling.
Part 1 Season 1: 27    (027) 2011.10.09
Part 1 Season 1: 28    (028) 2011.10.16
Part 1 Season 1: 29    (029) 2011.10.23
Part 1 Season 1: 30    (030) 2011.10.30
Muyeong fights Haje and is ambushed by Hiljo; he wonders what they want from him.
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40 2012.01.08
Imae discovers Jena waiting for Yu Jin to leave school.
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